To place an order:
Call 715-634-2381. If we are not available, we will try to return your call within 24 hours or less, or you can email me at: johnmcintosh005@hotmail.com I try to check my emails morning, lunch, and at night.

Phone calls and emails placed Friday thru Sunday will be answered on Monday.

To pay for an order:
When ordering by phone, just give us your mailing address with phone number, and your credit card information.

When ordering by email, you can email your shipping and credit card information, or you can PayPal me at johnmcintosh005@hotmail.com

In most cases, we will have had previous communication concerning postage costs.


I try to ship orders within 24 hours of receiving them. Our mail is picked up at our house around 2 PM. If you place an order at noon, I cannot get it packaged by 2 PM, and it will go out the following day.

Shipping costs:
I try to ship things as economically as possible. I mostly use the USPS flat rate boxes, small, medium, and large.

I prefer to use priority over first class, as it is ''trackable''. If your package is late ... we can find it. If you want us to ship your order first class, that's fine with me and usually cheaper for you. However, when I put it in the postman's hands, it is yours. We can't track it, and I have no control of where it goes. This is extremely important on "international" orders, where priority, for example, is $40.00 and first class is $12.00. Remember, once I put it in the postman's hands, it is yours. While on the subject of international orders some, or all, packages are opened and inspected by customs; therefore, all multiple item orders are checked by my wife and I both, before they are shipped. If you receive your order, and it is short an item, contact your Customs Dept.


We are always happy to help or advise, please call us at 715-634-2381.


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